Core Modules

Customer Management

Academics Management

Extra Curriculars

Learning Management

Back-Office Management

Services Management

HSE & Child Safety

Professional Development

Education Marketplace

Data and Analytics

Key Highlights

  • Each Stakeholder such as Teacher, Parent or Student will have their own Dashboard featuring modules and tools that will help with daily tasks and surface key strategic data
  • Dashboards can be customized and fully tailored to users needs. Individual modules can be re-ordered and new modules can be added as and when needed
  • Each user can also specify a selection of quick links, allowing easy and quick access to favorite content from anywhere on the platform

How it helps

Unlock Your Learning Potential

Dive into a tailored educational journey that adapts to your unique learning style and schedule.

With our flexible and secure platform, you can access personalized lessons, collaborate in real time, manage assignments effortlessly, and track your academic progress with ease. All the tools you need for success, whether you're learning in the classroom or at home, are right here. Get ready to learn, grow, and excel with LearnOS.


Elevate your Teaching

Transform your teaching experience by leveraging a platform that intuitively aligns with you.

Experience seamless lesson delivery, both live and on-demand, enriched by a suite of tools that track student progress, offer intelligent insights, and streamline communication. Our automated workflows and content collaboration system liberate your time, allowing you to focus on what you do best: inspiring young minds. In the classroom or through the screen, make every interaction count, with LearnOS as your digital teaching assistant

Strengthen Your Engagement

Step into a world where staying connected with your child's educational progress is effortless and empowering.

LearnOS offers a panoramic view of their learning landscape, enabling you to monitor, engage, and support every aspect of their journey. From real-time updates on school events to tracking academic progress and managing administrative tasks on-the-go, LearnOS brings you closer to your child's learning experience. Safeguard their wellbeing with prompt notifications and feedback channels, and celebrate every milestone as they thrive. With LearnOS, you're more than a spectator; you're an active participant in shaping your child's future.


Elevate School Operations

LearnOS redefines school management by streamlining every facet of your institution’s operations into one sophisticated, easy-to-navigate system

Embrace the power of unified data management that informs decision-making and fosters transparency across educational, administrative, and ancillary services. Our curriculum-agnostic platform adapts to regional needs, ensuring a tailored fit for your school's unique ethos. With our comprehensive SaaS solution, technology becomes hassle-free, liberating your team from operational constraints and allowing you to focus on educational excellence. Drive your school into the future with LearnOS, where efficiency meets innovation.