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The very notion of learning is changing from learning to know or do, to learning to be. As individuals, institutions, governments or educationists, we can leverage this powerful shift to transform how our teachers teach and our students learn.

It's time to help make that transformation happen...

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Strategic Initiatives

LearnOS provides end to end consulting support for your strategic learning initiatives. Whether it is establishing your organizational learning & development strategy and roadmaps, specific high-impact strategic interventions, workshops to help your teams brainstorm about possible futures or other identified strategic initiatives, LearnOS can support you with the relevant experience and expertise.


Product Design

If you have identified a need and require support to design the product or solution architecture, LearnOS provides product and solution design services.

This is specifically geared towards harnessing the best in class pedagogy, technology, content and implementation designs for your needs. Additionally, LearnOS can also manage development of the product or solution for you.


Research & Advisory

LearnOS shares news, opinions and resources on education policy, technology, theory, design and development. Please visit our Resources section or our blog for an ever growing knowledgebase and networks.

LearnOS provides expert research and advisory services for specific research projects and proposals that you need support on.

TEDx: Order from Chaos

In a TEDxTalk at Udaipur in 2011, the tensions inherent in the current Indian education system were  highlighted and a case was made for a new chaos to emerge from the semblance of order that we have today.

    Fundamentally, we need to think outside the box, not in the sense of innovation, but in the sense of invention of a new way of teaching and learning. This new way shall acknowledge the chaos that is inherent in a complex adaptive system that our education system really is.

    The need of the hour is to design environments that allow the chaos to lead to constructive emergent teaching and learning patterns.

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